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The period is the stop sign of punctuation. It is the end point of a statement. The period makes us stop, not just simply pause. When you read a sentence, which goes on too long, without any end, it can become very confusing and frustrating. This messes up a sentence's meter, creating the unappealing "run on" sentence. For example: 

Run On Sentence

Bees don’t eat flowers they gather nectar from them then they go back to the hive and later they repeat the process.

As shown, this sentence needs help. It needs a rhythm and flow. Let's add a couple of periods to make this run on sentence easier to digest.

Better Sentence Using Periods

Bees don't eat flowers. They gather nectar from them. Then they go back to the hive and later they repeat the process.

Basically, because writing needs a decent flow, we must utilize periods in the proper places, to allow the reader to stop, before they move on to another thought. In essence, the period has two main purposes grammatically:

a. Use a period to end a sentence that is not interrogative (?) nor exclamatory (!).

The two team members were both trying out for quarterback. (statement)

Please point out the directions on the map. (request)

Do not use the frying pan. (mild command)

b. Use a period for various abbreviations and for decimal points.

The U.S. Treasury decided to borrow $20.3 billion dollars.

Mr. Smith is my new Economics teacher.

c. Use a period after initials.

J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter Series.

George W. Bush was once the President of the United States.

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