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What are nouns? A noun is a word (other than a pronoun) used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things (common noun), or to name a particular one of these (proper noun). This page offers noun instruction, activities, and a schoolhouse rock video. 

As defined by Oxford Dictionary, a noun is a word used to identify people, places, things, and ideas. Since a complete sentence in the English language requires a subject and verb, nouns are very important. The subject of a sentence is always going to be a noun; and therefore, is very important to understand its usage. See examples below:

Nouns as the subject of a sentence

a. The concert was at 8pm.

Concert is a thing; and therefore a noun.

b. The countryside is a beautiful place to live.

Countryside is a place; and therefore a noun.

Additionally, nouns can act as other distinct parts of a sentence. See the following for examples.

Nouns as the direct object of a sentence

a. Sharks are known as predators.

Predators are the receiver of the verb (phrase); thereby, is the direct object.

Note: Ask “Sharks are known as what?” The answer to “what” is your direct object.

Nouns as the predicate nominative

a. You are the sun.

Note: "The predicate nominative is used with the verb to be and all its forms: be, am, is, are, was, were and been. Think of the verb as an equal sign: What's on one side of it is the same as what's on the other side . . .” (, 2013).

You = sun (predicate nominative)

Nouns as the object of a preposition

a. The house lies over the hill.

Note: Any phrase which starts with a prepositional word (i.e. in, over, under, before, to, etc.) and ends with a noun is a prepositional phrase).

Nouns as possessive or modifier

a. The Detroit Tiger’s team is strong this season.

Noun Practice #1

Directions: Print off and underline or simply indicate the nouns in the following sentences. 

1) The house is in California.

2) The truck is old and missing a tire.

3) When will the train arrive?

4) Fear is in the air.

5) Yesterday was the warmest day of the month.

6) Friendship is a blessing.

7) Bill, Bob, and Brock are my closest friends.

8) Failure is part of life.

9) My mother is a pediatrician.

10) Is it time to go to bed?

Noun Practice #2

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