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The independent reading calendar bundle pack offered here at Wake Up Sunshine is one of the most influential components in helping your child become a life-long reader. Each months calendar encourages the child to be an active and engaged reader. By taking ownership in their reading development, it becomes an internal motivator for the child to complete the tasks further their reading development.

If possible, it's good for an adult or parent to read each day's response prompt, to make sure the child is clear regarding the expectations. When a monthly reading calendar has been completed, the child (and parent) can be proud that 20+ quality reading exercises have been done throughout the month, making the child a stronger and more independent reader. Additionally, your child will gain the following benefits from following this simple program throughout the year.

When the academic year's worth of reading activities are complete, a student will have completely 200+ interactive reading and skill building activities! You and they WILL see progress. Furthermore . . .

-Your child will have a reason for daily independent reading time.

-Your child can improve their connection to any given text.

-Your child gets to choose books at their own comfort level increasing success.

-Your child's understanding will increase regarding the reciprocal reading strategy.

-Your child will improve in their ability to appropriately respond to any given text.

-Your child will gain a sense of responsibility; they are in charge of keeping up with the activities.

-Your child will experience an increased amount of non-fiction based text.

-Your child will foster a love and joy of reading.

See examples of student work!

For the complete bundle set of independent reading calendars, please visit my TPT store at Wake Up Sunshine!

For the complete bundle set of independent reading calendars, please visit my TPT store at Wake Up Sunshine!