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Simply put, grammar is the study of language. Learning grammar has a direct correlation to one’s reading, writing,  and speaking abilities. In essence, it makes one more intelligent and literate. When is utilized correctly, the beautiful can and will happen. When a pen is put to paper, magic can indeed happen, if written properly. Think back to Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. With approximately 260 words, Lincoln gave life to words which hold as much merit today, as they did in 1863. That is the beauty of the English language being used to its fullest potential.


Grammar 1 - Nouns

As defined by Oxford Dictionary, a noun is a word used to identify people, places, things, and ideas.

Grammar 2 - Verbs

Verbs are the fuel to a sentence. A verb is the action taking place within a sentence. Without a verb, there is no complete thought; hence, no sentence.

Grammar 3 - Pronouns

It’s helpful to think of pronouns as a “relief pitcher” in baseball. A relief pitcher comes in to take over for another pitcher who may be getting tired. 

Grammar 4 - Adjectives

There is no better way to engage your readers than to incorporate adjectives into your writing.

Grammar 5 - Adverbs

Adverbs can act very similar to the adjective, in desriptive qualities and limiting factors. This can make adverbs tricky to locate in a sentence, or to use properly in writing. Adverbs modify verbs, hence the name.

Grammar 6 - Prepositions

I still have bad dreams about having to memorize the entire prepositional word list in elementary school. However, as a writer today, I've come to understand the vital importance of prepositions within a sentence. Prepositions utilize nouns and pronouns to make a phrase (i.e. prepositional phrase). 

Grammar 7 - Conjunctions

Conjunction, junction . . . what's that function? I love that song from School House Rock back in the day. Bascially, conjunctions are a bridge that bring two parts of a sentence together. Conjunctions have the ability to create a nice rhythm for coherent sentences. 

Grammar 8 - Interjections

What are interjectionsInterjections offer an emotion to a sentence. This page offers interjection instruction, schoolhouse rock video, and activities.

Grammar 9 - Phrases and Clauses

A key component to improving one’s writing skills is to understand the difference between a phrase and a clause. An independent clause is the group of words  that can express a complete thought. A dependent clause needs help from the main clause to complete the thought or sentence. A phrase is a group of words which plays a smaller role in the schematic of a complete sentence.