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What is an adjective? An adjective describe, limit, and qualify nouns and pronouns. This page offers adjective instruction, activities, and schoolhouse rock video.

There is no better way to engage your readers than to incorporate adjectives into your writing. Adjectives are able to describe, limit, and qualify nouns and pronouns. In essence, adjectives are able to embellish the foundation of a sentence. A sentence simply needs a subject and verb (see below):

Jenny walked.

Subject – Jenny

Verb – walked.

The above is certainly a sentence and there is nothing grammatically wrong with it; however, it is quite boring. Let’s try adding a couple adjectives and see if we can add some depth to this sentence.

Jenny walked in the dense, dark forest.

Adjectives – dense and dark

This new sentence gives the reader an image to visualize while reading.

What Degree is Your Adjective?

Just as a temperature, an adjective’s degree signifies its intensity. See example below:

Base - Loud

Comparative - Louder

Superlative - Loudest

Base - Talented

Comparative - More talented

Superlative - Most talented

A Predicate Adjective

A predicate adjective’s role is to follow a linking verb, enabling it to modify the subject of a sentence.

Example: Since the pitcher was tired, the team lost the game.

Tired is the predicate adjective since it modifies pitcher. In this sense, you could read it as tired pitcher.

Verbals as Adjectives

Two of the three types of verbals can be classified as adjectives: the participle and the infinitive.

Practice Worksheet - Alien Adjectives

Directions: Circle the adjective in each sentence. Then, tell what noun the adjective is describing.

Example: The green alien walked out of the spaceship.

The adjective green describes the alien.

1. The shiny spaceship landed in my yard.

The adjective ____________ describes _________________.

2. An alien with big eyes walked out of the ship.

The adjective ____________ describes _________________.

3. It waved its tiny hand in the air.

The adjective ____________ describes _________________.

4. The alien said, “Earth is such a beautiful planet.”

The adjective ____________ describes _________________.

5. A brown rabbit hopped into the yard and scared the alien.

The adjective ____________ describes _________________.

6. The frightened alien ran back into its spaceship and blasted off.

The adjective ____________ describes _________________.

Reference: Super Teacher Worksheets -


Changing the Adjectives

To complete each sentence, add -er, -est, more, or most to the adjective in parenthesis.

Examples: Henry was taller than Francis. (tall)

Today was more pleasant than yesterday. (pleasant)

1. A steak knife is ______________________ than a butter knife. (sharp)

2. David is the _______________________ player on the team. (fast)

3. My drawing is _______________________ than yours. (colorful)

4. I think the book we read today is _____________________ than the one we read yesterday. (interesting)

5. Katie's _____________________ brother colored on the walls. (young)

6. This week's temperatures are _____________________ than last week's. (warm)

7. That was the ______________________ test I've ever taken. (difficult)

8. Isn't he the _____________________ little boy you've ever met? (nice)

9. That was a much _________________________ homework assignment. (challenging)

10. Do you think a snake is _____________________ than an owl? (slow)

11. Robert's arms are _____________________ than John's. (long)

12. Joe has the _____________________ feet of anyone in his family. (big)

Reference: Super Teacher Worksheets -

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