The Watsons Go to Birmingham Literary Guide | 123Read&Write

This heart warming, yet alarming story is based in Flint, Michigan, with the narrator, Kenny, introducing his family in a cold house on the couch huddled up together, the "Weird Watsons". His family includes his dad, his mom, older brother Byron and their little sister Joetta. It is this last episode that prompts the main conflict in the story, as Byron's behavior worsens. Ultimately he is caught again playing with matches despite having been warned repeatedly to not do it. Then, Byron gets a conk causing the family to decide that Byron should live with Grandma Sands in Birmingham, Alabama for the summer and possibly the next school year. It is, however, when their grandmother's church is bombed that the family decides to return home, with Byron, in an attempt to avoid explaining the full implications of what has happened to the children.

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