Sixth Grade Literacy | 123Read&Write

As our nation’s workforce increases in its demands for highly literate workers, it’s more important now than ever before, to make sure our teenagers are able to read, comprehend, and analyze text at a highly proficient level.  As the economy becomes more knowledge based, an individual’s literacy level must be at higher levels to be societal contributors. A child’s literacy development has a direct correlation to their future successes in adulthood. Unfortunately, over 50% of our nation’s secondary level students have difficulties with comprehending the written word. However, with practice and encouraged development, adolescent literacy levels can and will improve. 

The activities presented with the Sixth Grade Literacy 123Read&Write comprehension units utilize different strategies to help promote growth in oral language comprehension, vocabulary building, and higher level thinking activities, including the analyzing and synthesizing of text.

Narrative Text Units

Listed below 123Read&Write presents comprehensive novel-or-story units to coincide with educational standards to promote the development of adolescent literacy. More are soon to come!


Interest Level: 6 - 8

Reading Level: 5.5

Palmer LaRue has been fearing his 10th birthday. This fear stems from knowing that he will be taking his place beside the other ten-year-old boys in his town, becoming a “wringer.” This engaging novel tells the tale of how a boy is struggles to overcome his fears.

Roll of Thunder

Interest Level: 5 - 9

Reading Level: 5.7

As a Newbery Medal  Award winner, this classic story of Cassie Logan, an independent girl growing up in a seemingly safe time, with a loving family. This tale is actually inspired by the author's (Mildred Taylor) own childhood. Roll of Thunder stands as an important narrative recording the African-American experience, making it an enderared adolescent literary read. 

The Watsons Go to Birmingham

Interest Level: Grades: 6 - 8

Reading Level: 5.5

Welcome to the world of ten-year-old Kenny and his family, the Weird Watsons of Flint, Michigan. When Momma and Dad decide it's time for a visit to Grandma, Dad comes home with the amazing Ultra-Glide, and the Watsons head South to Birmingham, Alabama . . . towards one of America’s bleakest historical moments.

Expository Text Units

These expository text units teach students how to dissect text through the use of pre-reading, during-reading, and after-reading strategies and activities.


This simple lesson guide will allow students to break apart and diagnose different elements of any biographical book they choose to investigate. The lesson guide utilizes various graphic organizers and manners of investigation to dig deeper into the format of a biography; and the story of their chosen individual's life.

6th Grade Sitton Spelling

Sitton Spelling is the best spelling program out there! Not only does it improve students' spelling by teaching them the spelling patterns, it is also increases their writing skills because the Sitton Spelling program includes grammar and writing lessons.

The front side of each double-sided reproducible contains three activities: word preview, fix it, and stretch it. The reverse side includes two spelling pattern rules as well as three additional activities: sort it, finish it, and add it. You will find one double-sided template for each of the first 10 units in the Sitton Spelling program.