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A simple reading comprehension quiz and literacy activities for the children's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, by Laura Numeroff.

Book Summary

The true wonder of the If You Give a Mouse series is its circular structure. Kids love the way the story works; and the way its pattern works its way back to the beginning of the story. Half the fun is guessing how the story will indeed work its way back! If You Give a Mouse a Cookieby Laura Numeroff (illustrated by Felicia Bond) is the landmark picture book in this series. It’s a simple Kindergarten book based on a kind, young boy giving a cookie to a cute, yet hungry mouse. From here, the little boy is in for a busy day keeping up with the mouse’s requests. 

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Reading Comprehension Quiz

After reading the story to your child, go to the following link to complete the quiz:


5 = Mastery

4 = Developing

<3 = Beginning

Follow Up Lesson Plan Activities

Activity 1: Matching Items

Directions: In Give a Mouse a Cookie, the mouse asks for things that belong together. When he asks for milk, he’d like a cookie to eat with it. When he wants to a trim, he asks for nail scissors and a mirror. Pictured below are items that belong together. Draw a line connecting the picture on the left with its match on the right.

Activity 2: Recalling Details

Directions: In the story, Give a Mouse a Cookie, the mouse used many of the boy’s household items. Think back to the story and everything the mouse used. Circle all of the items pictured below that the mouse used in the story.

Activity 3: Sequencing Events

Directions: In Give a Mouse a Cookie, the mouse asked the boy for a lot of household items. Look at the pictures below. Determine the order they were given to the mouse, and glue them in the chart below in that order.

Activity 4: Art Activity - Your Family

Directions: In Give a Mouse a Cookie, the mouse drew a picture of his family with paper and crayons. In the space below, draw and color a picture of your family. Don’t forget to sign your name!  J

Activity 5: Creative Writing Prompt: A Play Date with Mouse

Directions: In Give a Mouse a Cookie, the mouse visited the boy’s house for the day. What would you do if the mouse visited you for a play date? On the lines below, write a story about what you and the mouse would do together at your. Draw a picture in the box to go along with your story.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Video