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A simple reading comprehension quiz and literacy activities for the children’s book, Corduroy, by Don Freeman.

Book Summary

Everybody's favorite lonely bear, Corduroy, will attempt anything to be adopted by a little girl, whom he sees in the department store. The children's book, Corduroy, is a heartfelt story for young and old, offering a feeling of enduring hope. Don Freeman's classic book about a bear was created over 30 years ago and still is able to evoke imagination in all who read the story of this lovable little bear.

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Reading Comprehension Quiz

After reading the story with your child, go to the following link to complete the quiz:

5 = Mastery

4 = Developing

<3 = Beginning

Follow-Up Lesson Plan Activities

Activity 1: Identifying Buttons

Directions: Corduroy was missing the button on his overall strap. In the chart below, see if you can find the missing buttons. Circle the button in each row.

Activity 2: Art Activity - Teddy Bear Dress Up

Directions: Corduroy wore green overalls with buttons on the straps. Design your own outfit for this teddy bear to wear.

Activity 3: Following a Pattern

Directions: Corduroy’s new family sewed a matching button on his overall strap. Below is a table filled with button patterns. Circle the button on the right hand side that completes the button pattern.

Activity 4: Sorting Objects

Directions: Corduroy wears buttons on his overalls. Which of the following items pictured below has buttons like Corduroy? Cut out the pictures and glue them to the correct side of the chart.

Activity 5: Creative Writing Prompt - Animal Adventures

Directions: Imagine your favorite stuffed animal magically came to life like Corduroy does in the department store. Write about its adventures on the lines below. Draw a picture in the box to go with your story.

Corduroy Video