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A simple reading comprehension quiz and literacy activities for the children’s book, Animal Strike at the Zoo, by Karma Wilson.

Book Summary

What can a poor zookeeper do when every single animal refuses to howl, monkey around, shout, or anything for that matter? One of the most creative Kindergarten books out today, In Animal Strike at the Zoo . . . It's True, when a little girl finally gets to come to the zoo to see all her favorite animals; will they decided to put on a show, or continue to strike? Depicted with beautiful imagery and adorable animal descriptions, Karma Wilson’s Animal Strike at the Zoo . . . It’s True is sure to win hearts young and old. 

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Reading Comprehension Quiz

After reading the story to your child, go to the following link to complete the quiz:

5 = Mastery

4 = Developing

<3 = Beginning

Follow Up Lesson Plan Activities

Activity 1: Rhyming Words

Directions: Animal Strike At the Zoo… It’s True! uses a rhyming word pattern. Look at the words in each column below. Match the words that rhyme by drawing a line to connect each pair.

Activity 2: Beginning Sounds

Directions: Many of the animals in Animal Strike At the Zoo… It’s True! have a different sound at the beginning of their name. Look at each picture, and decide what letter makes the beginning sound of the word. Use the letter bank at the top to help find the correct letter.

Activity 3: Art Activity - Penguin Disguise

Directions: The zebras try to disguise themselves as horses in Animal Strike At the Zoo… It’s True! Give the penguin below a disguise by coloring him and decorating him to look like something other than a penguin. Ideas may include a ballerina, a baseball player, a car, etc.

Activity 4: Sorting Sizes

Directions: Sue visits the zoo to see animals of all sorts and sizes. Some animals are big while others are small. Cut out each of the zoo animals below. Determine if they are big or small, and glue them to the correct side of the chart.

Activity 5: Creative Writing Prompt - Zoo Pet

Directions: Sue visits the zoo and sees all different types of animals. What if you were able to choose a zoo animal to take home as a pet? On the lines below write a story about having a zoo animal as a pet. Draw a picture in the box to go along with your story.

Animal Strike At the Zoo… It's True! Video