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A simple reading comprehension quiz and literacy activities for the children’s book, I Lost My Tooth, by Hans Wilhelm.

Book Summary

When a tooth falls out, we know to put it under our pillow for the tooth fairy to find. However, the children's book, I Lost My Tooth, asks what to do when that tooth is lost before the fairy visits. Author Hans Wilhelm's adorable little white puppy comes to life with some creative ideas on how to let the tooth fairy know that he has lost a tooth!

Reading Comprehension Quiz

After reading the story with your child, go to the following link to complete the quiz:


5 = Mastery

4 = Developing

<3 = Beginning

Follow-Up Lesson Plan Activities

Activity 1: The TH Blend

Directions: The dog lost his tooth in the story. The word TOOTH is one of many words that has the TH blend. Read the words in the chart below. Circle the word in each row that uses the special TH blend.

Activity 2: Creative Writing Prompt - The Tooth Fairy Visits

Directions: The dog wanted to give his tooth to the Tooth Fairy but wasn’t able to because he swallowed it. What do you think the Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth she collects? On the lines below, write a short story about the Tooth Fairy. Draw a picture in the box to go along with your story.

Activity 3: Sequential Order

Directions: The Tooth Fairy visited the dog after he left a picture under his pillow. One event had to happen for the second event to occur. Listed below are pairs of events. Determine which of the two events happened first. Circle that event.

Activity 4: Art Activity - The Tooth Fairy Uncovered

Directions: The Tooth Fairy visits the dog in the story. What do you think the Tooth Fairy looks like? On the lines below, write six descriptions of the tooth fairy. You can describe her hair, her wings, her wand, etc. When you’re done, draw a picture in the box of what you think the Tooth Fairy looks like. Be sure to include some of the descriptions you listed.

Activity 5: Identifying Words By Initial Letter Sound

Directions: The word “dog” starts with the letter D. Using your knowledge of beginning letter sounds, match the pictures below to their written words. Connect each matching pair with a line.

Tooth Fairy Children's Song Video