Fifth Grade Literacy | 123Read&Write

Fifth grade literacy focuses on phonemic awareness, word recognition strategies, reading comprehension skills, and vocabulary building. Fifth grade literacy works to improve reading comprehension skills through identifying story elements, main ideas, evidence from the text, and connections to the real world. 

The activities presented with the fifth grade 123Read&Write comprehension units utilize different strategies to help promote oral language comprehension, vocabulary building, word recognition, and understanding of the elements of literature. Units concentrate on the elements of literature including plot, setting, character, and point of view, sequencing of events, finding evidence within the text, and word work to improve understanding of the written word. These units also provide creative outlets for children to draw or write about their connections with the text.

Listed below 123Read&Write presents comprehensive novel-or-story units to coincide with educational standards to promote literacy development. More are soon to come! 

Narrative Text

Expository Text 

The History of Horses

"In about 4000 B.C., people in Asia found that they could domesticate horses. A tame horse was very valuable! It could carry or pull things. Merchants could use…”