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As with any teacher, you're always looking for a way to make learning fun, relevant, and come to life. When June rolls around, I know it's time for me to bring out my "greatest hits" to keep the student's engaged in learning, when their minds are on Summer vacation! For the past few years, I've ended our 8th grade English class with the topic of Titanic. The students work through various activities related to "making learning visible” techniques, and a unique writing assignment shown below. 

Titanic Practice Assessment

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 8.45.08 PM

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Early in our study, we do many critical thinking activities and develop our knowledge base on the lore of Titanic. The video below also provides some good information to intrigue the student’s curiosity about this topic of study.

They do a wonderful job and getting into the time period, putting themselves in another's shoes and learning about Titanic in an entirely different manner. Then, we watch the movie (with the obvious parts cut out). After all the tears are shed, the students have about 10 options to choose from for their final project. These projects cover the spectrum of multiple intelligences. Students have made blueprints of the Titanic, played musical pieces on their instrument of choice (which were actually played aboard the ship), acted out scenes. But, by far the most popular choice this year was a new option called "Bake the Titanic". The students who chose this option literally turned my classroom into a bakery and made some astonishing cakes. Each year, I know this unit of study is one that will remain in my student's memories for years to come. Take a look at some of the Titanic pictures below, which showcase some of the projects in their early stages. There are more of the students final projects in the Titanic Ending Photo Gallery!

One of the newer projects this year is a Titanic stop motion video. The short video below took three days to make! 

Below is soon to be a miniature Titanic.

20140527 110808

Below is a sound file of a beautiful rendition of Nearer My God to Thee, by one of my students, as given for her final project assessment.

Nearer My God to Thee

Creating posterboards for their Barnes and Noble night presentations.

20140513 091058

20140513 093444

Amazing Paintings

See some of the students final projects in the Titanic Ending Photo Gallery!

A new addition to instructing my students on the wonders of Titanic was a wonderful presentation by a local Historyteller, Maureen Esther. Her presentation is promoted as shown below.

Titanic Remembered (March 31, 1909 - April 15, 1912)

Historians call it the end of the Industrial Revolution, but in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912, the great loss of human life would make it much more than a mark in history. The Titanic would be the epitome of ocean liner luxury; a leviathan and marvel of the modern age. Even though “unsinkable”, by 2:30am on taht fateful morning, she would be on the bottom of the cold Atlantic ocean. You are invited to board the Titanic in this heartfelt lecture which covers not only the loss of life, but the loss of innocence. 

Below are a few slides shown during Maureen Esther’s presentation, along with a short video clip.

Titanic Promotional Poster

Thomas Andrews

Iceberg 80/20 Rule

Final Titanic Transmission

Women and Children First