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The play of The Diary of Anne Frank offers the story of Anne Frank and the two years she spent in hiding from the Nazi regime, during World War II. During these years, Anne along with her family, the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel, all live in fear; all the while hoping beyond all hope for liberation. Unfortunately, they are all found and sent out to different concentration camps. In the end, the lone survivor, Mr. Frank returns to their former attic, finding Anne’s diary, thereby, sharing with the world the words of this brave and beautiful girl.

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1280px-Flickr - Government Press Office (GPO) - A group of orphans, survivors of the holocaust, atthe reception camp in Atlit.

After my students finish The Diary of Anne Frank, we dig deeper into this tragic era in our world’s history. The Holocaust was the systematic persecution and killing of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime, headed by Adolf Hitler.  Coming from Greek origins, the word "Holocaust" means "sacrifice by fire.” After reading The Diary of Anne Frank, the students brainstormed key ideas that were related to the Holocaust. From there, they chose one idea to research, explore, and create a project of their choice. One such option was the technical program, Prezi. Some of the projects shown here indicate what a phenomenal job our students can accomplish when invested and interested in a topic. 

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