Progress Report September 9 | 123Read&Write

Charlie here, again. I’ve settled in a motel outside of the city, things are going, good. I’m not saying i’m sorry, but I dearly miss Dr. Strauss, Dr. Nemur, Ms. Kinnian, and especially Algernon. Sometimes, I even miss Joe Carp. If there’s one thing I could say to the Doctors its that they should go and live their lives, stop everything, because there’s many moments you could share. I say this because from what I learned with and without my intelligence, moments don’t last forever. Speaking of my intelligence, it is declining slowly. I do not know if this is just a phase, or I will return to my original state. If anyone asks about my operation, or my intelligence and if I could change it, I scream, “No No No!”. What’s done is done. I will live my life as it is now, perhaps steal a sunset with someone.