Progress Report September 8 | 123Read&Write

It’s been one month since I have left the city. I’m not saying I’m sorry that I left or that I did the procedure. I don’t regret anything because it made me who I am. While I won’t say I’m sorry, I will thank everyone I have had the chance to meet, especially Miss Kinnian. I hope she finds out that I love her without me telling her as I find myself coming closer to the edge. I’m just trying to wait out the moment when heaven tells me “welcome to the family”. What I thought was a never ending story is coming to it’s end and it feels like it’s the death of a dream to me. I do kind of wish that I had more time to spend with Miss Kinnian, but I can’t dwell on that now. Oh well.. I hope they all are doing well and I hope they live out the rest of their lives to the fullest extent. Thank you everyone.