Progress Report September 7 | 123Read&Write

Maybe I shouldn’t have left. Maybe I should have stayed with Algernon, Dr. Straus and Dr. Nemur. It has been a month too late I’m afraid to go back. What if they will judge me for being so cloudy in the mind? I don’t care. I will never regret.  There is NO way I will say I’m sorry. The day that I got my surgery for my intelligence was a special day. It was an amazing day to be honest. I felt like I saw the world differently. The world was more colorful and full of life.  I will never forget that day.  People say it was impossible for me to get so smart all of a sudden and keep it frever. I just thought they were non believers.  The truth is, they were smarter than me. Everyone was. I lost myself. I lost controll of my intelligence one day. It just left me. I had no way of finding it again.  All of my emotions turned from happy and grateful to angry and irritable.It felt like a death of a dream.  I heard that back home this happened to Algernon too. There was also news that he died. Oh, I cried, I cried so hard because I know I am closer to the edge. The edge of life and death. Odds are I will cross the wrong side of that bridge.  But for now on I will live my life. I may be back peddling to the big man upstairs, but I know that someday we’ll meet again. I love you miss Kinnian.