Progress Report September 6 | 123Read&Write

Well its been about 3 months since I  left for New York. This has given me some time to think about my decision on leaving so suddenly. Everything that has happened with my experience has really been a death of a dream. When my intelligence was boosted, at the end of each day I thought to myself, this was a amazing day. I understood the the chance of my intelligence lasting forever was 1,000,000 to one, but i have to say i expected more. I am really hoping Miss. Kinnian a Dr.Nemur, Dr. Strauss, and Algernon, and I  will some day meet again. I have really built special relationships with each one of them (especially Miss.Kinnian and Algernon). After thinking about all of this for about 3 MONTHS there is one thing i have really taken away from this whole experience, and it is life is a never ending story.