Progress Report September 3 | 123Read&Write

It’s been a while since I last wrote a progress report, sorry about that i’ve been busy. I miss Algernon a lot, for me and him it was as if it was a million to two. Me and Algernon had a special bond because we were alike… getting the surgery and all. Not only do I miss Algernon but I also miss Miss Kinnian dearly. I love her and I knew there were so many moments you could share with someone, and you just feel like that moment will last forever but sadly it does not. I miss my home and I miss all my friends from work that I used to hang out with. I will never regret what I did or who I did it with, I will not say sorry to the ones who don't like me.  I will not say i’m sorry and I will not regret because life is a never ending story and I will continue to live my life so one day we’ll meet again. Even if it’s not on the soil of Earth I can promise you all we will meet again because everday was an amazing day with you all. Miss.Kinnian you always would steal my sunset when you talked to me and acted like I was normal like everyone else. I’m getting closer to the edge now I can feel it. I will never forget all the amazing times I had with you all, One day we will live again.