Progress Report September 2 | 123Read&Write

I was suppose to be making this progress report yesterday because it had been one month yesterday i had left New York. The reason i didn’t do it yesterday was because i have made new friends, better ones, and I wanted to hangout with them. Anyways I have had some thinking time about my past life in New York. I have greatly missed Algernon, Miss Kinnian, Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur. I’ll never forget the times we spent together,  I even question myself sometimes, should i have left so early? I am not sure, but then again moments don’t last forever. I remember the times i had paradise, knowing everything like others was a dream come true. That is the moment i tried to forget, I wish there was no fighting just peace. I have still tried to remember the things you tought me but it is just all slipping away one by one. I wish i could steal a sunset with you guys just one more time, you were a second family. A month ago i was just a touch away but now i am miles away. Life is a never ending story and i hope one day we’ll meet again.