Progress Report September 17 | 123Read&Write

So, it’s been just over a month since I have left New York, and I now can feel all of my intelligence going away. I’ve tried to forget about losing it, but I have also tried to just remember the memories I have had with Algernon, Miss Kinnian, Doctor Nemur, and Doctor Strauss. Lately, people have been making fun of me because I am losing my intelligence, and I have been getting upset about it. I don’t know why though. I mean, I’m not a failure. I think I just need to remember that it was only a moment and moments don’t last forever. It was a great experience, but I kind of wish that I didn’t know what life could be because now I have to know what it’s like to have it slip away so suddenly. I will never forget, and never regret the time I went out to dinner with Miss Kinnian though. But then again, I do wish I knew what life could be because if I never had the operation, I would’ve never been able to remember the moment I had with Miss Kinnian. After all, everybody I have met played a key role in my life and I do know that life is a never ending story. I hope that means that I could end up meeting even more people that can change my life, but most of all, I hope that Miss Kinnian and I one day meet again.