Progress Report September 15 | 123Read&Write

Its been sometime since i’ve left new york. Im not sure how long, but i know it has. The only thing i can say is that moments don't last forever, and i say that because of the fact i can't get Miss. Kinnian out of my head and sleep at night. I keep saying to myself that i had my fun times with her and that those moments won’t last forever. But now it’s time to say something else, that one day we’ll meet again. Yeah that sounds much better, and able to fall asleep to at night. I’ve also been thinking of something else that’s been on my mind. That’s the fact of life being a never ending story. I say that because i always wonder about things, and one of them are the thought of me ever becoming intelligent ever again. I just keep remembering the uprise and the downfall of my given intelligence all because of Dr. Nemur. After that operation my brain became conspicuous compared to others. Just like my co-workers that i thought were my “friends”. But really they just made fun of me and used my name as an example of a failure. I’ll never forget the looks on their face when they saw the new me as a sophisticated and intelligent man. I’ve also lost many definitions of words in my head and their meaning, but i do remember a phrase. I think it was “Don’t regret anything you’ve done because in the end, it makes you who you are.” I think i remembered the phrase for one reason. to know how wrong it was, because now i’ve lost what’ll make me who i was going to be. A smart man. To wrap things up, i just want to say that i feel like i'm getting closer and closer to the edge everyday. I dont know what that means but i know it means something. Charlie Gordon signing off.