Progress Report September 14 | 123Read&Write

its been awhile now since i have talked to my friends and the ones dear to me, Algernon has really been on my mind lately and seeing his results is making me feel sick inside. Not to mention i really do not feel well. im not sure if leaving was the best decision to make at the moment but i will not say i'm sorry for leaving them. this whole experiment was crazy and has changed my life for the good and the bad, But i will never forget, and i will never regret my decision to do so. Even tho it was short lived and an amazing experience, even the best of moments don't last forever. The moments of realizing beauty or to be able to understand the people around me true intentions. I really do miss Miss Kinnian and i thought my love for her would be a never ending story with her but right now i'm feeling closer to the edge so maybe one day we'll meet again.