Progress Report September 13 | 123Read&Write

It’s been about a month since i Left New York and i'm really missing it especially Algernon and everyone i have been working with. “I lost myself” what was i thinking to have an experiment on me to increase intelligence this is all just a joke that ruined my life and relationships with my friends. “The moment will last forever  until you've realized that you did it wrong and made many mistakes like having a stupid experiment done on me and having bad friends at the factory. “life is a never ending story that does not end and goes on forever even with good or bad things that happen in our life it must run its course to do what it must. “I will never forget” these horrible moments i have been living my life in a hospital for about a month now and was the worst days of my life. “Im closer to the edge” and beginning to feel different to my self. “One day we’ll meet again and we'll remember these days like it was yesterday.