Progress Report September 12 | 123Read&Write

I don’t regret anything. I was presumed to be dead. Yet I am still standing here, among the living. I remember everything, from the operation to almost dying, but I don’t know how I am alive. I should have died, and that fact was ensured by my research. I dont know why, but I have my knowledge back as well. I was shocked to find i remember everything, but something isn’t quite right. I have noticed things that are out of the ordinary. In fact, I swore i heard Mrs.Kinnian saying ‘one day, one day we will meet again.’ I looked everywhere, and Mrs.Kinnian was no where to be found. I went back to the lab as well. I knew the door was locked, but i somehow opened it with ease, and slammed it behind me. While i was there, i noticed no one could see me, but reacted towards the noise. They then went back to their work, and i noticed something. Behind the glass window was another testificate. His name was Edward Ferral. I noticed he was mentally retarded as well. what shocked me the most was that Algernon was running the races! I had no idea how he was even alive until I wandered around and stumbled on a room full of white mice. All were named one thing: ALGERNON. As well as being a german name, it was also used as an abbreviation for Algorithm Learning German Experimental  Rat Named (these were varied, as ON was the ‘title’ provided) Oddly Numbered, Overly Named, or something stupid like that. I was angered, but I couldn’t do anything. Instead, I watched the new testificate run the races, and learn with a person named Gordon Hudson. I was shocked to see another testificate as well, in separate labs of course. This testificate was a girl named Cassandra Learning. I found the name very ironic, since the operation required learning capabilities and motor skills. She was smarter than both Edward and I was at the mazes at first, but with the operation, she eventually figured out I existed. I left some clues, of course. I wrote ‘CG.’ on the ceiling with red ink. She asked Dr. Nemur (since he had only a part of my research, and had to get the rest through more test subjects) what the message meant, and was told about me, the second and first successful testificate. The first testificate, Failure #1 as he was called, was killed in the operation, and no more information about him was available. I also hid a message in her room with the number 105 on it, and led her to the room with the Algernon’s in it. I had wrote on the wall: HE IS A LIE. She no longer liked algernon after that. She eventually met the same fate as I did, and so did Edward, but at least one of them knew what was going on. This research was not legal (for i had also found something quite disturbing), and so i put unrest in Cassandra earlier on so we could do something about it. The lab ended up burning to the ground. What wasn’t known is that everything there was an illusion, provided by an illegal drug, simply known as hysteria B1. Everyone in the lab was constantly fed this drug, but all shared memory by being on a statis bed, and sharing memories through a highly advanced computer called the Thunderbird. In fact, not just the lab, but the whole world was fake. Once that place was sabotaged, I woke the other testificates from that nightmare and we escaped. We don’t know where we will go, but to whoever gets this letter, please, destroy what ever evidence of that experiment we left behind, including this letter. Good luck, the lab is located in Oregon, in a field near a city .                                            

         -Charlie Gordon