Progress Report September 1 | 123Read&Write

Honestly, I will not say I'm sorry for leaving, even though, I miss everyone back home. I will never forget and I will never regret all of the times I have cherished with Dr. Strauss, Dr. Nemur, Algernon and especially Miss Kinnian. Once I left, that was when I realized that these moments don’t last forever. Life is a never ending story which gives you plenty of opportunities to make new memories and there are so many memories you can share as well. I wish I could go back to the time when I first met Algernon, the time I first beat Algernon in a maze, or the time I took Miss Kinnian out to dinner. Oh, how I hope that one day we’ll all meet again. They were the only people who ever understood me. Unlike people at the factory. They would make false assumptions about me, laugh at me and would humiliate me. If only there was a time where truth ran free, but that simply doesn't exist. Instead, I will live my life. Wherever fate takes me, that’s where I’m going. Fate has its tricky ways of throwing something at you, you’ve never expected, but I guess I have no choice.