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Progress Report August 30 | 123Read&Write

I just wish that the operation would have stuck with me. I have not been able to clear that of my mind for a long time. I will never forget the long five months that the doctors, Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur, worked on me trying to make me smart. But I have learned that moments don’t last forever and you need to take them in as a blessing. But no matter what, I will live my life, the best I can, at least what is left of it. One thing I really want to do is steal a sunset, and see Miss Kinnian again. She is probably the thing that I miss most, even more than Algernon. But I know, one day we’ll meet again. My time might be running out but at least I had these experiences that I will never forget, and that I will treasure forever.

Progress Report September 1 | 123Read&Write

Honestly, I will not say I'm sorry for leaving, even though, I miss everyone back home. I will never forget and I will never regret all of the times I have cherished with Dr. Strauss, Dr. Nemur, Algernon and especially Miss Kinnian. Once I left, that was when I realized that these moments don’t last forever. Life is a never ending story which gives you plenty of opportunities to make new memories and there are so many memories you can share as well. I wish I could go back to the time when I first met Algernon, the time I first beat Algernon in a maze, or the time I took Miss Kinnian out to dinner. Oh, how I hope that one day we’ll all meet again. They were the only people who ever understood me. Unlike people at the factory. They would make false assumptions about me, laugh at me and would humiliate me. If only there was a time where truth ran free, but that simply doesn't exist. Instead, I will live my life. Wherever fate takes me, that’s where I’m going. Fate has its tricky ways of throwing something at you, you’ve never expected, but I guess I have no choice.

Progress Report September 2 | 123Read&Write

I was suppose to be making this progress report yesterday because it had been one month yesterday i had left New York. The reason i didn’t do it yesterday was because i have made new friends, better ones, and I wanted to hangout with them. Anyways I have had some thinking time about my past life in New York. I have greatly missed Algernon, Miss Kinnian, Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur. I’ll never forget the times we spent together,  I even question myself sometimes, should i have left so early? I am not sure, but then again moments don’t last forever. I remember the times i had paradise, knowing everything like others was a dream come true. That is the moment i tried to forget, I wish there was no fighting just peace. I have still tried to remember the things you tought me but it is just all slipping away one by one. I wish i could steal a sunset with you guys just one more time, you were a second family. A month ago i was just a touch away but now i am miles away. Life is a never ending story and i hope one day we’ll meet again.                          

Progress Report September 3 | 123Read&Write

It’s been a while since I last wrote a progress report, sorry about that i’ve been busy. I miss Algernon a lot, for me and him it was as if it was a million to two. Me and Algernon had a special bond because we were alike… getting the surgery and all. Not only do I miss Algernon but I also miss Miss Kinnian dearly. I love her and I knew there were so many moments you could share with someone, and you just feel like that moment will last forever but sadly it does not. I miss my home and I miss all my friends from work that I used to hang out with. I will never regret what I did or who I did it with, I will not say sorry to the ones who don't like me.  I will not say i’m sorry and I will not regret because life is a never ending story and I will continue to live my life so one day we’ll meet again. Even if it’s not on the soil of Earth I can promise you all we will meet again because everday was an amazing day with you all. Miss.Kinnian you always would steal my sunset when you talked to me and acted like I was normal like everyone else. I’m getting closer to the edge now I can feel it. I will never forget all the amazing times I had with you all, One day we will live again.  

Progress Report September 4 | 123Read&Write

It’s been about a week since I left New York, I lately haven't been feeling well and as the days go on I feel worse and worse I feel as I am closer to the edge but I don't know why.  After the conflict with Algernon, Miss Kinnian, Dr, Strauss and Dr. Nemur, Life felt like a never ending story.  As the days pass by I seem to be  losing my intelligence realizing that moments don't last forever.  When I first had the operation things were coming along well and as my intelligence grew, I became smarter and smarter.  I don't regret anything I did because that is what makes me who I am.  I cant seem to forget Miss Kinnian, She was the only one who believed in me and cared about me.  I remember going out to dinner with Miss Kinnian, man that was an amazing day.  It was then that I realized that I truly loved her.  I hope Miss kinnian knows that one day we'll meet again.   Realizing that life is like an open book, you will never know when it will end.  I truly believe that you should take what life has to offer, even if it is just for a short time.  

Progress Report September 5 | 123Read&Write

It has been awhile since my last report but fate has its tricky ways, so I was not able to write one of these in a while. I have learned a few things since I left NY one of them is don't regret anything you do. When I chose to undergo that operation, I dont regret any second of it. Even though for a short time, I'm glad I could have a glimpse at genius. But in the end, we all fall short of glory. I’m on a train right now and excited that I will live my life who knows where. I will never regret leaving it was better off for Ms. Kinnian, the doctors, and my co-workers. I just hope one day we'll meet again. I feel that I am closer to something, closer to edge. I don’t know what it is but I will find it someday.

Progress Report September 6 | 123Read&Write

Well its been about 3 months since I  left for New York. This has given me some time to think about my decision on leaving so suddenly. Everything that has happened with my experience has really been a death of a dream. When my intelligence was boosted, at the end of each day I thought to myself, this was a amazing day. I understood the the chance of my intelligence lasting forever was 1,000,000 to one, but i have to say i expected more. I am really hoping Miss. Kinnian a Dr.Nemur, Dr. Strauss, and Algernon, and I  will some day meet again. I have really built special relationships with each one of them (especially Miss.Kinnian and Algernon). After thinking about all of this for about 3 MONTHS there is one thing i have really taken away from this whole experience, and it is life is a never ending story.

Progress Report September 7 | 123Read&Write

Maybe I shouldn’t have left. Maybe I should have stayed with Algernon, Dr. Straus and Dr. Nemur. It has been a month too late I’m afraid to go back. What if they will judge me for being so cloudy in the mind? I don’t care. I will never regret.  There is NO way I will say I’m sorry. The day that I got my surgery for my intelligence was a special day. It was an amazing day to be honest. I felt like I saw the world differently. The world was more colorful and full of life.  I will never forget that day.  People say it was impossible for me to get so smart all of a sudden and keep it frever. I just thought they were non believers.  The truth is, they were smarter than me. Everyone was. I lost myself. I lost controll of my intelligence one day. It just left me. I had no way of finding it again.  All of my emotions turned from happy and grateful to angry and irritable.It felt like a death of a dream.  I heard that back home this happened to Algernon too. There was also news that he died. Oh, I cried, I cried so hard because I know I am closer to the edge. The edge of life and death. Odds are I will cross the wrong side of that bridge.  But for now on I will live my life. I may be back peddling to the big man upstairs, but I know that someday we’ll meet again. I love you miss Kinnian.

Progress Report September 8 | 123Read&Write

It’s been one month since I have left the city. I’m not saying I’m sorry that I left or that I did the procedure. I don’t regret anything because it made me who I am. While I won’t say I’m sorry, I will thank everyone I have had the chance to meet, especially Miss Kinnian. I hope she finds out that I love her without me telling her as I find myself coming closer to the edge. I’m just trying to wait out the moment when heaven tells me “welcome to the family”. What I thought was a never ending story is coming to it’s end and it feels like it’s the death of a dream to me. I do kind of wish that I had more time to spend with Miss Kinnian, but I can’t dwell on that now. Oh well.. I hope they all are doing well and I hope they live out the rest of their lives to the fullest extent. Thank you everyone.

Progress Report September 9 | 123Read&Write

Charlie here, again. I’ve settled in a motel outside of the city, things are going, good. I’m not saying i’m sorry, but I dearly miss Dr. Strauss, Dr. Nemur, Ms. Kinnian, and especially Algernon. Sometimes, I even miss Joe Carp. If there’s one thing I could say to the Doctors its that they should go and live their lives, stop everything, because there’s many moments you could share. I say this because from what I learned with and without my intelligence, moments don’t last forever. Speaking of my intelligence, it is declining slowly. I do not know if this is just a phase, or I will return to my original state. If anyone asks about my operation, or my intelligence and if I could change it, I scream, “No No No!”. What’s done is done. I will live my life as it is now, perhaps steal a sunset with someone.