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Taking learning to a higher level, this expository lesson utilizes visible learning techniques (Making Thinking Visible by Ritchhart, Morrison & Church (Spring 2011), which allow the students to think at higher levels to investigate current issues harming our planet. 

Prior to beginning our investigations, each student group receives a letter card. The groups then activated prior knowledge by deciding on a word that’s relevant to the current state of our planet, whether environmentally, socially, or politically. For example, one group who had the letter “T” chose the word tarnished and explained that they feel we are destroying a once beautiful planet slowly. 

Investigation 1: 3-2-1 Bridge

Thinking - Activates prior knowledge, questioning, distilling, & connection making through metaphors

Note: Notice that the same template was filled out twice; once before the video and one time after the video.

20141114 092607
20141114 092616

Investigation 2: Compass Points

ThinkingDecision making and planning, uncovers personal reactions

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North: What concept do you need more information about before taking a stance?

South: Regarding the song and video’s message, what suggestions can you offer?

East: What excites you or is the upside to the song and video's message?

West: What worries you regarding the song and video’s message?

Investigation 3: Step Inside

Note: The students had a difficult task, as they had to put themselves in the shoes of the poachers alluded to in the video. It certainly made them think beyond their normal boundaries. 

ThinkingPerspective taking 

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