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Little did I know what a complete head trip I was about to experience when I began the game the PS3 game Portal 2. Gone are the zombie left . . . Shoot . . . Zombie right . . . Shoot. Now it's like a massive weight challenging your intellect, daring you not to look stupid. However, when you add the witty humor of GLaDOS and the hysterics of the clumsy robot Wheatley . . . the mindbending puzzles don't feel so downright evil. Enough cannot be said about Wheatley (brilliantly voiced by Stephen Merchant.) This portrayal is simply side splitting humor.

As for gameplay, the ingenious idea of allowing the player to trigger entrance and exit points with portals is entertaining and unique. By creating these passages (through much trial and error), you recieve a great sense of accomplishment when you successfully navigate and complete a puzzle.

The story itself pits the unwitting prisoner, Chell against the scorned robot GLaDOS. Her witty humor, and shear enjoyment of tormenting Chell play out superbly. When added to the relentless difficulty of various puzzles (especially in the latter part of the game) the player is treated to a wonderful gaming experience. Puzzles range from simply an enter and exit strategy, to extremely tricky. Some of these puzzles require the use of laser directing cubes, catapultes, colored gels, light bridges, and more. However, the game always allows for those "ah ha" moments when clarity finally shines through. Although the game allows for a multiplayer option, I truly enjoyed going it alone.

In the end, you're given a unique Playstation 3 gaming experience offering the satisfaction of seeing the challenges through. By completing the experience, the player is treated to arguably the game's best humor. Included at the end of the story is the ending song (compliments of GLaDOS), which is the focus of this writing assignment. The PS3 game, Portal 2, should be on anyone's radar who has yet to enjoy is unique brand of humor and puzzling levels.

On the writing templates, next to the literary device word, write an example from the song that showcases it being used.

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