Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch | 123Read&Write 

Within the story of Ni No Kuni, you're tasked as a young boy named Oliver, who is brokenhearted at the untimely death of his mother. He soon learns that he may be able to rescue his mom from another world entirely. One unique aspect of the game is that of our main protagonist. If you're looking for a testosterone filled hero going throughout the world blasting away without prejudice, this is not the game for you. Oliver is simply a normal boy who misses his mom and does what he can to rescue her. Simply put, it's a love story with a mythical touch.

As Oliver learns of how he can possilby save his mom, he slowly develops into a formidable wizard. With his trusty, Scottish accented cohort, Oliver slowly learns how to work and excel in his new surroundings. It is here that the Pokemon influences shine through. Creatures known as Familiars are able to be caught in battle, nurtured, and thrown into battle.

Assignment 1 - Sensory Details

Utilizing the provided video, complete the Setting and Sensory Images graphic organizer below. Use your observation skills to locate examples to fill in each of the sensory boxes within the organizer. Also, don’t forget to draw and color your favorite setting (time, place, and environment) from the clip. 

Printable Setting and Sensory Graphic Organizer