Singing for a Great Cause | 123Read&Write

When asked to throw my name into the ring for the chance to sing for the entire school in efforts to raise money and awareness for a great cause, I said “absolutely!” I never thought I’d win, but . . . yep, I won. One problem, I have not one speck of singing talent. However, I can play a pretty mean guitar. So, instead of singing something simple, I recruited the help of a couple teachers to join me on stage to give the kids a show in thanks for their support to such a wonderful cause: Classrooms Helping Kids.

Classrooms Helping Kids is a non-profit organization that encourages students, classes, and schools in America to be compassionate supporters of orphans around the world. Our goal is to see students become heroes by providing the homeless with homes, meals, families, educations, and bright futures.

The Classrooms Helping Kids sponsorship program provides children with:

  • homes
  • house parents
  • comfortable beds
  • three nutritional meals per day
  • plenty of clean drinking water
  • enrollment in public school
  • school uniforms
  • shoes
  • backpacks and school supplies
  • toys and recreational activities

So, what did we play? We rocked out an acoustic version of one of my favorite band’s songs: Times Like These by the Foo Fighters. Check out the picture below. Truly an opportunity I was honored to do. However, I don’t think Dave Grohl has much to worry about. 

aw a .JPG