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Journey is a unique experience; one that’s perfectly suited for writing options. It’s spiritual; it's kind of co-op at times; however, you'll never communicate together except through minute musical notes. Basically, thatgamecompany has crafted another spiritual experience. Players will all have their own opinions on what the journey is; or what it signifies. That's one of greatest accomplishments of this game . . . the sense of wonderment if offers. 

In essence, you see a mountain in the near distance. You inherently know this is where you have to get . . . hence, the journey you will make. For the most part, the main setting is a desert oasis with some snow scenes mixed in for good measure. These landscapes at first glance may seem simple; but sit back to enjoy the scenery, and you'll be treated to a beautiful setting; especially the desert oasis scenes. The sun lighting effects on the sand are amazing.

One of the coolest aspects of the game is what I refer to as "sand surfing". When your red-robed character hits a sand slope, it is truly a beautiful gaming experience; very much like the way Flower played when you worked the wind just right. Holding your x button will allow you to lift off the ground somewhat. However, the more scarf pieces you gather, the higher your jumps will become. This becomes helpful when trying to scale immense towers, on your quest. 

Believe it or not, one intriguing aspect of the game is that of a true antagonist. Thatgamecomany is not known for including enemy presences in their games. However, in Journey, you happen upon a couple of desolate lands where these mysterious creatures with a light on their head search in vain for any presence. If they spot you, they attack and shorten your scarf (i.e. not allowing you to jump as high anymore.) In my mind, the metaphors for this part of the journey are obvious; but I'll leave the interpretations to the reader. 

The final climb to the precipice of the mountain will endure as one of the most sweeping conclusions I've experienced in a video game. There are no explosions or huge monsters. There is simply beauty and a wonderfully orchestrated musical score to top off the experience. The final surprise I received was a listing of fellow wanderers I came across (at the end of the game). This was very neat and unique; as mentioned, when you come across another player, there are no tag names, id numbers, etc. But at the end, you're given a list of all who accompanied you on your Journey! Very cool. This PS3 game release proves you don't need to blow things up to the nth degree to have a great gaming experience.

Assignment 1 - Mood

Listen to the beautiful music orchestrated in the background of the video. After viewing the clip and observing how the music enhances the visuals, fill in the journal template provided.

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