Emergent Literacy and Series Books | 123Read&Write

The stage at which your child is metaphorically begging to read is in the emergent literacy or "pre reading" stage. The time in a child's life where this occurs is usually between four and seven years old. This is a opportune time to introduce series books.


The term emergent literacy was first coined by Marie Clay. It was used to describe the manner in which young children interact and relate with books. Keep in mind that emergent literacy is a steady process, which takes place over many years; usually from birth to approximately seven years old. The bottom line is that a child's literacy rate improves by becoming actively engaged with books of various types.  As with anything, a child goes through the stages of emergent literacy in their own unique manner. It is during these developmental milestones, which will eventually lead to a child becoming an independent reader.  

A previous entry spoke of how alphabet books can support a child's literacy development. Another type of book which can be beneficial in supporting a child's literacy is the series book. Series books offer something beneficial to emergent readers: repetition. Not only do these books allow children to become comfortable with words, which are often repeated; they are also able to become comfortable with reccuring characters throughout the sequence of the series

While there are a great number of series books to choose from, here are some good ones to get a parent or teacher off on the right foot.