Emergent Literacy and Alphabet Books | 123Read&Write

The stage at which your child is metaphorically beginning to read  is termed the emergent literacy or "pre reading” stage. The time in a child's life where this occurs is usually between four and seven years old. This is the perfect time to introduce alphabet books.


Emergent Literacy

There's something to be said about striking while the iron is hot. When a child is in the emergent stage of reading, the more independent reading opportunities you lay in front of them the better. Practice and familiarity can only improve a child's ability at becoming a successful . So, as a parent or a teacher, what are some of the best books to utilize during this imperative stage in a child's life?

Alphabet Books

Not surprisingly, when a child is in the emergent literacy stage, they are learning that letters make distinct sounds. Put these letters together and low and behold, you create new words! Therefore, a perfect place to start when working with a child in the pre-reading stages of development is with alphabet books. Giving a child a firm grasp on the workings of the letters and sounds will allow them to gravitate into an enriched vocabulary improving their reading skills down the road. Alphabet books are also a perfect choice for this early stage of reading, because they often incorporate beautiful illustrations to go along with the text. That way, not only is the child intrigued with the written portion; they are amazed at the beauty they see as well. 

While there are countless numbers of alphabet books to choose from, here are some good ones to get a parent or teacher off on the right foot. 

If you enjoy any of the above alphabet books, go ahead and take it the next step with some follow up activities with your student or child.