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123Read&Write offers five key links: educational articles on reading and writing, blog entries on educational trends and news, children’s and adolescent literature authors, and educational games which coincide with concepts introduced and taught on 123Read&Write. 

Educational Articles

123Read&Write provides educational articles pertaining to many facets of education. As to the site’s purpose, most articles will be geared towards reading and writing development. The Educational Articles page is here to offer the user valid material and strategies when it comes to improving their child’s  reading and writing aptitude. 

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How To . . . 

123Read&Write offers simple articles on how to write various types writing. These "How to" articles are here to help you improve your writing from the simplest of tasks to more demanding writing.

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123Read&Write provides educational articles pertaining to many facets of grammar. Simply put, grammar is the study of language. 


123Read&Write provides educational articles pertaining to many facets of punctuation. Punctuation marks are simply symbols, which signify the structure and organization of written language. In addition, punctuation also dictates intonation and pauses to be recognized when writing and reading.

Life in Education Blog

Here on 123Read&Write, we offer the Life in Education Blog. Within this blog, you'll find stories relating to education, as experienced by the website's developers (two teachers with a combined 41 years of teaching). The stories can be informative, heartwarming, fact-based, or simply anecdotes. 

Book Store

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Books for Reluctant Adolescent Readers

Time and time again, I’m often asked for book recommendations for teenagers who are reluctant to pick up a book and read for pleasure. This page is simply a list of books I’ve read and enjoyed, whether by buying them for my own children, or picking them up by chance. Remember that all tastes in literature vary, but it only takes one book to create a reader for life. 

Educational Games

123Read&Write offers an exciting link for young children to play on. These games coincide with lessons taught in the reading comprehension units. Check out the two newest games relating to Adjectives.