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With regards to education, being literate is arguably the most important academic skill to possess. So, what is literacy? Simply put, literacy is the ability to read and write. Give the concept some thought. Within the educational field, while all academics are very important (in fact many would argue that mathematics is at the top of the list); with the inability to read, one would not be able to understand what the various mathematical equations may be asking of them. The ability to read has further benefits, as well. A good reader usually conincides with a good writer, and often times . . . a good speaker, as well. 

123READANDWRITE is dedicated to providing educational reading and writing strategies to improve the skills of any reading level. Soon, the site will also provide comprehension tests for popular books for reading levels K - 12th grade.

How to utilize this site to for the best results.

1. Take San Diego assessment to make sure you're choosing books at a comfortable reading level for your child.

2. Choose a children's book from the enrichment list which falls into your child's reading level.

3. Read book with your child (or have them read to you, depending on their age.)

-older (4th grade and up) students may read independently before taking part in any assessments.

4. Take the simple comprehension assessment created with regards to the book chosen. For instance, if you chose Chicka Chicka Boom Boom; you would then take that specific assessment.

5. Once the assessment has been taken, review with your child how they performed; and where it seems they may need improvement, if needed.

6. Next, go to the reader's workshop to choose a reading extension activity to the book you and your child have just completed.

7. Go on to next book in your child's reading level series. In this case, you would most likely go on to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

8. If at any moment, you'd like to ask our teacher for further developmental assignments, homework help, or additional book/test combinations to be made, contact Mr. D for the assistance you're looking for.

Before reading your child's chosen book, conduct the San Diego Quick Reading Level Assessment with your child. This will give you an overall indication of your child's reading comfort level.


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