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A well written hook statement will gather a reader’s interest in reading your paper. The hook sentence acts as a “fishing lure” to attract your reader’s attention. In simple terms, your hook statement, which should be the first sentence, needs to grab your reader by the shoulders and pull them into your writing.

Steps in Crafting the Perfect Hook

  • Utilize statistics to draw your reader in. Numbers may seem dry, but often they are just the thing to intrigue your prospective reader. 

Example: An estimated 293,800 violent and property hate crime victimizations occurred in 2012 against persons age 12 or older residing in U.S. households.

  • Include a quote to get your reader’s attention. Why try to come up with something witty when someone else has already said it? Just make sure to give credit to who spoke the quotation you use!

Example: As the Beatles so eloquently stated on the album, Abbey Road, “and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

  • State a simple, yet interesting fact, about your topic which will gather attention.

Example: Over one third of all shark attacks on humans are committed by the Great White Shark.

  • If your paper is more informal, consider using an anecdote to begin your story. Remember, an anecdote is a short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person.

Example: When I was young, I’m sure I gave my parents more stress than they could handle. They always said it would come back to haunt me. Well, now as a parent of young children of my own, those prophetic words are proving true!

  • How about asking an interesting question for a hook? Why not?

Example: Why are only the rich and powerful able to become elected politicians in our society? Imagine if the common man or woman could make a serious run for a political office!

Give It a Go!

Directions: Look at the topics provided. Then, see what hook method is being asked of you. See if you can write an effective hook on the topic provided.

Topic: Greatest Presidential Speeches

Hook Method: Quote

Your Hook:

Topic: Car Accidents

Hook Method: Fact

Your Hook: 

Topic: Global Warming

Hook Method: Question

Your Hook:

Topic: The Pacific Ocean

Hook Method: Statistic

Your Hook: 

Topic: Mother’s Day

Hook Method: Anecdote

Your Hook: