Dragon Age: Inquisition | 123Read&Write

Dragon Age: Inquistion is an action RPG which focuses on a conflict between mages, templars, and a mysterious breach from the sky. The ultimate goal is to bring the people of Thedas together to work towards closing the breach and defeating whoever or whatever created it. While the game has a mature rating, the writing activities focus solely on some of the fantastic writing and dialogue, which the writers of the game produced.

Assignment 1 - Sentence Form

For this activity, focus on the dialogue between the characters and the sentences used. Then, using the provided notes, indicate the correct sentence form for the examples provided.

Printable template for sentence form

Assignment 2 - Lyrical Analysis

For this activity, focus on the song’s lyrics and its accompanying musical score. Within this portion of the story (game), the game’s protagonists are feeling low and beaten. Then, all of a sudden, they break out into a song. Utilize the video and the templates to complete this activity regarding this epic moment.

Printable template for lyrical analysis

Assignment 3 - Claim It

For this activity, focus on Cole’s warning to the battle leader. Fill in the graphic organizer with the requested information. Remember the claim is the key point that is being stated, which needs to be validated. 

Printable template for claim it