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Playstation 4 video game release, Dark Souls II is an action role playing open world game set to test players in patience and their combat skills.  The game’s premise will surround a cursed character trying to find a cure for his or her suffering. Within Dark Souls II, you play as a new hero, within a new plot, in an unforgiving world for players to lose often. Massive battles with gruesome enemies and epic bosses await your arrival as you work our way through this unrelenting universe. The writing prompts for your student writers focus on only the epic boss battles within this challenging blight of fictional desparity.

Assignment 1 - The Demon of Song - Contrasting Characters

After watching the provided video, complete the provided graphic organizer contrasting (differences) between the boss (Demon of Song) and the protagonist (hero with the big club).

Printable version of graphic organizer