Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons | 123Read&Write

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which is a story-driven adventure developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by 505 Games. Gameplay centers around the interaction between the two brothers and the world which surrounds them. Together, they must overcome obstacles and complete puzzles by working in tandem.

Overall, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons may look harmless and carefree; it truly has a dark underside which I didn’t see coming. Furthermore, be ready to be metaphorically punched in the gut before this story is all said and done. Honestly, this game isn’t necessarily about action. It’s story driven. In fact, it is very similar to the PS2 classic, Ico. The relationship between two people and working together in a puzzle laden world couldn’t be more similar. The game is all about the journey and solving some interesting puzzles and platforming levels. While some levels are relatively bland and uninspired, there are moments of pure genius.

For your assignment, observe the video offered below. By only using clues for which your are given in the video, write a narrative observation paragraph on what you think the boys are trying to accomplish. What’s their motivation? What are they doing? 

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