Wake Up Sunshine | 123Read&Write

Educational blog entry about the benefits of waking up earlier to start the day and to increase productivity and reduce stress.

There have been numerous studies which have shown that waking up a bit earlier can contribute to one’s success by increasing productivity. What benefits await you by waking up a little bit earlier?

Many times stressful situations stem from our thought processing of not being able to get everything done (that’s on our perceived list). Here’s a little clue, you’ll always have something to do on your “to do” list. An additional stress inducer is the “rush” factor. Nobody likes to feel late, or to be rushed. Bad decisions often coincide with rushing.

A helpful tip to make your day much easier, reducing stress, is a simplistic concept . . . get up earlier! It’s a fairly simple rule. Go to bed at an appropriate time and rise at a similar time each day (but a little earlier). Why should you rise a tad bit early? Well, it’s usually quiet and peaceful, offering time for reflection on your upcoming day. It allows for some extra time to complete some tasks that you are stressed about not getting done during your normal daily routine.  It gives you a sense of accomplishment to begin your day.

Now, it’s much easier said than done. I like my sleep too much to miss out on much needed hours after teaching and coaching all week. Add the responsibilities of fatherhood and come weekend, I need my sleep. However, a wicked cycle happens when I sleep too much causing stress. I wake up late, I’m groggy, and I feel that I still have so much to accomplish in a shortened period of time:

1.     Play with kids

2.     Work out

3.     Get school work done

4.     Get yard work done

5.     Various sports schedules to get to

As shown, I need quite a bit of time during the day. For example, if I get my workout done early in the morning, it’s not hanging over my head all day. This allows me to focus completely on more important things, like the kids. Or, by getting my school work done while everyone is sleeping, I won’t be up late Sunday night trying to get it all done. It makes for a great stress reliever and a much more peaceful experience. Why you may ask? Well, as noted in The Blame Game, human beings can be quite selfish. We need time to ourselves, which is important. It doesn’t mean we should seclude ourselves all day, but a bit of time for just you can do wonders for your demeanor and mood. Give it a try for a week and see what dividends it pays off. Wake up sunshine and attack the day.