Guess What? You Can Never Finish It All | 123Read&Write

An educational blog entry about not being able to finish everything and being content.

Here's the thing . . . as educators, as human beings, we seem to have this tendency to believe we can get everything done, and then . . . everything will be alright. I am often guilty of this. However, when I try to "finish everything", I'm miserable. See if any of this sounds familiar as a parent.

"Once I finish the laundry, prep dinner, and call Aunt Margaret, then I can play with you."

"I'll get to your game as soon as I finish up some grading here at work and a few emails."

"Sure I'll play a game with you; let me just cut the grass first."

Or, as a teacher . . .

"We cannot go outside, because we have finished our lesson, yet."

"We have to get through this entire chapter by next Friday."

"We have to get all the way through the final unit by June."

Honestly, go outside . . . it will rejuvenate the student's minds anyway. Who cares if you don't finish a particular chapter or unit? Will it matter in 365 days that you didn't finish a particular chapter or unit? Simple answer: NO.

Examples such as these could go on for a long time. But you know what? It's never all going to be done . . . EVER! There will always be another paper to grade, email to read, dinner to make, dirty laundry to clean, etc. However, none of it is life or death. If there were a life or death situation, then you better get your butt in gear and work on that situation. Otherwise, time spent with your loved ones far outweighs anything I can think of. 

For example, how many games is your child truly going to play before they are completely done with sports? How long before your child is a teenager and no longer wants to play a game with you?

You or I, nor anyone else for that matter will ever get it ALL done. The world will continue to turn and lives will go on regardless. What's important for each of us is that we don't run ourselves ragged attempting the impossible. You know why? Because, if we do, we'll miss the importance of what standing right in front of us.