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Educational blog entry about having perspective . What is perspective

What is perspective? As defined, perspective is the state of one's ideas, the facts known to them, etc., in having a meaningful relationship. This is important, because one's perspective is the key for this strategy to be successful. This has been a wonderful activity that's put perspective on a great deal of things for me regarding various issues. The basic premise is to ask yourself (regarding a particular issue or problem) "Will this really matter in a year?" At times, certainly the situation may be serious enough that 'yes', in a year, it will still matter. However, most of the issues we are confronted with during our workday, in a year, most of it will mean absolutely nothing. Many of our issues are truly irrelevant annoyances that mean actually very little, in the grand scheme of things. Getting worked up and angry at every conflict or issue that comes up regarding our profession requires a great deal of energy; energy better spent on teaching our children, being happy when we return home to our own families, a stronger sense of inner-peace. Let's try an example I'm sure many of have experienced.

Example 1: You get an unpleasant email.

Give it 365 days! I guarantee that this issue (which can and will happen) will mean absolutely nothing in a year, so why ruin your day over it? Instead of being defensive and wasting energy, realize that in a year's time, this event (whatever it may be) will be as insignificant as stubbing your toe on any particular morning. Annoying and bothersome at first, but quickly remedied and forgotten.