Be Open to Learning From Your Peers | 123Read&Write

Educational blog entry of being open minded to learn from other people. Learn to ask for help. Open your mind and heart.

Often as teachers, we have a tendency to close ourselves up even when we need help. The reasons vary: afraid to ask for help, fear of looking unintelligent, years of working by oneself, etc. There are numerous reasons for why teachers confine themselves away from their peers. This, sadly is a depressing notion and a bad habit to get into. Common sense dictates that often the people closest to you or your situation(s) (i.e. your fellow teachers) know the best. Why? They live and breathe situations similar to yourself everyday, in school. Even as time is scarce, maybe at lunch, planning period, or a professional development meeting, ask a teacher you respect to assist you with a lesson, to help with a disciplinary plan, to offer simple advice, etc. By doing so, wonderful things can happen. Two things come to mind:

1. You allowed yourself to open up to others, thereby breaking down a barrier of loneliness.

2. You made someone else's day by showing them their opinion is important to you.

This may be tough at first; especially for someone who looks at other's suggestions as personal attacks or criticisms. Sometimes it is difficult to ask for help. So, practice a little humility, let go of your ego and open up to peers around you. You may be amazed at what you find when you open that door!