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Educational blog on how to be content and happy with your life. Strategies to be content, relax, and not worry about what others have.

Being content with where you currently are, literally and metaphorically, is an imperative strategy to practice. Why? If you are constantly looking over the proverbial fence, into your neighbor's yard, it's easy to create the dreaded "mental avalanche." This symbolic avalanhce occurs when you allow your perceptions of how things should be conflict with the reality of your present situation. I'll be honest, I've been known to often let the avalanche crush my day. The key is to feel the tremors and adjust your line of thinking before it's too late. 

As a teacher, I truly love my job and the children I'm blessed to teach. That being said, I'd also love to make more money. I'd love for my wife to be able to stay home and see our kids off to school. I'd love to not have to worry about money all the time. I'd love to be able to take vacations whenever the mood strikes. These, of course, are all dreams. However, where we live, many people can and do live like this. Most moms stay home. Many have vacation homes. Many don't think twice about flying to their vacations. Many have college funds set aside. If we go on a vacation, it better be in driving distance, because I can't afford to fly a family of six anywhere. College . . . are you kidding me? You might as well get the loans rolling now.

Now, take notice of the previous paragraph. See how quick little annoyances can build upon each other. I could have kept going. To me, everyone who can do those things, must have a better, happier life than I do. That's what the avalanche creates; and it can make me absolutely bitter and miserable. It is truly a no win situation. All I have done is created a pity party for one. The problem is when I've succeeded in making myself miserable, my mood carries over to those who matter most . . . my loved ones around me.

By being content with the "now", you understand that your are exactly where you need to be at this point in your life. Maybe I'm not meant to move to a bigger house. Maybe it's good that I don't own another piece of property. Maybe my kids will be stronger and more adjusted since they had to go to childcare. Maybe driving is a better way to go on vacation; it certainly creates some humorous memories. To prove this, just look at one of my earliest blog posts years ago about our first family trip to the ocean. I'd like to quote Richard Carlson on one of his sayings. He once said, when you think you should have done something, or acted a certain way, etc., try thinking "maybe so, maybe no." I remember my wife being annoyed that we didn't go on a certain trip last year. She thought we let our kids down. So, I told her "maybe so, maybe no." Maybe were meant to stay home. Maybe the weather would have been lousy. Maybe our furnace was going to break down, costing money we would have spent on the vacation. This list could go on quite awhile. The point is, you never know. Therefore, be content with wherever you are. 

Being happy with where you're at is the ultimate "grass is greener" scenario. I remember visiting San Francisco to take part in the Escape From Alcatraz triathlon. I loved it there. Honestly, I was ready to move the entire family to the coast. But, then I realized that any place could feel wonderful for a couple of days. However, it's very possible that living out there would never match with my perceived perceptions. Point being . . . I'm a teacher in Michigan and have done fairly well here for 43 years, so I should just be content with where I'm at and remain in the moment. 

By making peace with where you are in life, other aspects are able to fall into place. You're a happier and more relaxed individual. You cherish the little (yet, most important) things you have, and learn to enjoy these treasures in life instead of always being concerned with what others have. So, as you read this, be content that you are exactly where you're supposed to be at this point in your life.